Jiangsu Huaxing Steel Casting Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huaxing Company) was founded in 2005. It was formerly known as Taixing Branch of Shanghai Xinzhonghua Steel Casting Foundry. It has more than 230 employees, 100 million fixed assets and covers an area of 60,000 square meters. The company is one of the professional foundries of a large scale in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province. The company is 10 km away from Qixu Car Ferry, 40 km away from Changzhou Railway Station, and 35 km away from Jiangyin Bridge, enjoying a very convenient traffic.

The main production equipment of Huaxing Company are: Intermediate frequency induction furnace (0.5 ton for 1 set, and 2 tons for 2 sets of one-drive-two), three heat treatment resistance furnaces (10 tons for 1 set, and 5 tons for 2 sets), 2 resin sand production lines, 1 resin sand regeneration line, 1 set of horizontal, vertical, gantry, and boring-mill work center, 2 sets of CNC vertical lathes, 5 sets of digital vertical lathes, 4 sets of digital boring mills, and 12 sets of other ordinary lathes. The main testing equipment of Huaxing Company includes: Three-coordinate tester, direct-reading spectrometer, fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detector, tensile testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, molding sand tester, thermocouple thermometer, etc.

The main products are: Pumps, valves, forestry machinery, petrochemical, marine machinery, compressor industry and other machinery supporting castings. The annual output of castings is 5,000 tons, and the cast steel include plain carbon steel, various high and low alloy steel and duplex stainless steel.

Company Profile

Build Jiangsu Qiyue Flow Control for machining plant

Shanghai Zhonghua Metallurgic plant Taixing Brach was built



Build Jiangsu Huayu Optical Energy for machining plant

Development path

Taizhou City Machinery Casting Co.,Ltd.




Named as Jiangsu Huaxing Steel Casting Co.,Ltd.

Corporate values


Corporate vision

As a small company with a sense of existence, it can continue to develop. The goal is to be a charming company that allows employees to work with pride no matter what the age

Customer-centric, striving-oriented